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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
The Acorn version looks exactly the same as the Amiga version to me.
I played most of the games released on the Arch in the late 80's and most looked very similar to the Amiga versions. They were always very good conversions and showed the Archimedes could easily give the Amiga a run for its money.

The arch was a powerful system, with a true 32bit RISC based ARM processor (earlier models used 8MHz ARM2, later models had a 25MHz or 33MHz ARM3 CPU), Even the slowest 8MHz ARM2 processors were over 4 times faster than the 68000 of the A500.

It also came with between 1-8MB ram, and many models came as standard with an HD. It also had 8 channel stereo sound.

Even the early Archimedes A3000 model was more on a par with the later Amiga A1200 than the A500.

It was a great system, but sadly it never did well outside of education and the number of games were quite limited, although what was available were pretty good. I used to play E-Type a lot at school
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