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On startup the startup-sequence is executed which is located in s: (sys:s/)

this script also runs s:user-startup.
These files can be edited with any standard text editor
although they require some knowledge of amigados to understand. (for workbenches up to 3.1 this is c:ed which, sometimes somewhat awcard in it's user friendlyness, does the job nicely)

One of the last lines in s:startup-sequence is c:loadwb (or loadwb with or without additional arguments)
as you may have guessed this loads the workbench.
This in turn loads all the programs located in your wbstartup drawer (sys:wbstartup/)
To disable any of these simply move the programs to another drawer (or delete them if you are absolutely sure you'll never need them anymore)

if the program in question is run from your user-startup or startup-sequence feel free to post the contents of these files and i'm sure someone will help and say what exactly needs to be done
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