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Hmmm, mixed feelings:
Open source Poseidon: V. v. v. good!
Who apart from Chris is left in the Amiga community who could continue development..?

Further thoughts:
I don't mind paying the chap for his hard work - and upgrades. But I'd say there's a deal to be struck here.
-Free open-source software comes with nothing - you get what you're given & if the developer(s) decide to give up or throw out their dummy out of the cot that's it, no argument. You rely on the community having enough developers for this not to happen.
-In contrast I'd say commercial software comes with an unwritten contract. You pay the developer for supplying the software in exchange for an on-going reasonable level of support.

Put it another way:
If the writer of my freebie moves on, ho-hum, never mind.
If the vendor of my important payed-for software decides to leave me high-and-dry without any notice that's another matter.

Well, Zetr0 did say discuss:
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