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Hehe, I still got a full blown V64/256 with all roms and a DX saver + I dunno what other cartridge on CDs connected with a US expanded N64 console with 2 rumble packed joyspads to my plasma today!
The extra memory was a seperate bulky memory chip.
I always wondered if the V64 accepted IDE DVD drives. I tried once with a Plextor but it would not read anything. A post mentioned a LiteOn DVD worked, but I am not sure if that is BS or not (it only accepted Liteon CD drives, so maybe V64 works with any Liteon?). I did replace the PSU (the original gave up after a few weeks, total crap), the CD drive (now a 40x lite-on, the original was cheap crap aswell) and the unit now still works as of today. A HDD would be nice, as all roms I have are about 30GB I believe.
But now as the Wii has Mario64 as download, only if I had BustaMove99, I would sell the whole thing, even got the original packaging, but I aswell think eBay would not allow me to sell it.
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