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Happy Monkey Business

Do you have to do the a520 adaptor hack in order to get an S-Video Composite connecter?

I assume if you'd taken the AV transcoder VGA route you'd still only be limited to the Amiga native 50Hz x 15.60Khz frequently anyway - right?

So Multiscan/Productivity Modes will not work. The point I'm trying to make is, although the device will up-scale/de-interlace to a solid high definition resolution the actual physical resolution of the Amiga display hasn't changed.

So you'll only end up benefiting from, for arguments sake, say SuperHires 1280*512 Interlaced. How are screenmode unique parameters handled too.

IE: Unclick default option and resize to...

1. SuperHires 640(1280)*512 (still very low work area)
2. Overscan a large physical area 1280*1024, would this be rescaled to fit the screen in VGA mode???
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