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A new fast core based on the '040 instruction set would be the way to go.

-How much work is this going to be for a small team that must already be swamped by the demands of this project, their obvious talent aside?
-Are there going of be difficult copy write issues?
-Why not use an off-the-shelf processor in combination with one of the available software emulation cores? Oh, yes that's been done hasn't it ..?

I'd love to see a new Classic Amiga:
-Updated chip-set.
-Modern connection options.
-Enough grunt to comfortably run basic desktop tasks.
-The ability to reconfigure for alternate "retro systems" would be nice.
I'd buy such a system...'s it going to be financially viable?
...I can do all of this, and more, by putting a x86 mobo into a retro case with the help of a little software. I've done it, Zetr0's done it. So have many others.
Still, I'll watch this one with much interest (and hope).
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