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Can I ask what might seem a really stupid question or the subject of RGB devices. I have an AmiVGA box that's dependant upon software anyway to work.

Why is it the Amiga has a DBLPal (double mode) 31Khz video driver that can been used on most VGA monitors. Yet its shipped with video drivers built for CGA monitors (excluding the hardware progress timeline factor).

I ask the question, why the Amiga OS / WB never came with more support for VGA modes anyway? Is it due mainly to the limitations of its native hardware.

Everything pertaining to the Amiga seems to be a real pain the arse sometimes..

UPDATE: Just like to add that those AmigaVGA adaptors are a load of shit too because they don't support the full use of the Amiga RGB port. Because its missing the signals to my RGB TV - Hmm

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