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Originally Posted by Pyromania View Post

Perhaps I was a bit harsh on my AWeb smilies, but I have always thought it was a bit weak by web browser standards. Maybe I should have just kept silent.
I don't think it's very great either. That's what I think a few people aren't getting.

To put the shoe on my own foot - I'm writing (in my own words - a crappy little) game for the Ami. I'm keeping in touch and company with others who are doing the same. If I were to say another of these developers efforts were laughable when I hadn't released a demo of my own design yet - I'd expect the same thing to be pointed out to me.

And by the same token if there were another game that were further along than my own project, and another assembly coder wanted to 'joint a game project' - I'd totally expect someone to say 'here join this one... it's in a basic playable state'
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