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Originally Posted by Siggy999 View Post
Amizilla does not exist.

By your own definition if it did, it wouldn't reach great heights because it is open source as well.
Erm, OWB (Amiga 68K/OS 4.x) and Sputnik (MorphOS) are essentially open-source browsers based on the Webkit/KHTML frameworks.

As for porting - I've tried porting things to the Amiga and Amithlon - I respectfully disagree with your conclusion. Porting from one modern OS to another isn't any basis for comparison either. Any porting to the Amiga will have to overcome the restrictions of what is now an archaic OS and obsolete hardware, and all the restrictions and challenges that go with it.
The work on OWB and Sputnik (I'm guessing you haven't heard of these?) and the RISC OS port of Mozilla (to Archimedes and other Acorn machines) probably suggest otherwise. I'm not hanging my hat on any of these browsers reaching modern standards on Amiga platforms BTW.

In summary I think given limited developers and an ever shrinking community I'd still advise anyone that way inclined to join a project that actually exists and has made progress over one that has discussed things for many years but not produced anything.
I can see where you're coming from, but that's not really what bounties are about. I'm sure if the AmiZilla people had access to competent coders, then they'd be putting them to work on a Mozilla port rather than send them off to work on AWeb or whatever. Bounties are designed to offer potentially interested coders an incentive to realise the aims of the task that has been set. Obviously the money on offer hasn't been able to achieve that in the case of AmiZilla. If it's just a matter of giving the bounty to a current Amiga browser in development, then I'd be choosing IBrowse or OWB over AWeb. I've used them all (on real Amiga hardware), and IBrowse and AWeb ever since they were released. AWeb is quite a ways behind IBrowse at present and OWB looks more promising in terms of the progress that has been made in the short time it has been available. AWeb has had a lot of updates since going open-source, but the advances over V3.2 (the last commercial release) have been modest at best. Nuff said.

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