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In regard to Aweb, and in particular my comments about it - are absolutely correct.

I never said it was great - good - or the be all and end all - I said it existed.

Amizilla does not exist.

By your own definition if it did, it wouldn't reach great heights because it is open source as well. I didn't mention IBrowse, or any other browser because it doesn't fall under the scope of the conversation, which is the development of open source browsers - not the discussion of best browsers for the amiga.

I could say that Aweb in this regard 'craps over' Amizilla because it can load a page, its a matter of perspective.

As for porting - I've tried porting things to the Amiga and Amithlon - I respectfully disagree with your conclusion. Porting from one modern OS to another isn't any basis for comparison either. Any porting to the Amiga will have to overcome the restrictions of what is now an archaic OS and obsolete hardware, and all the restrictions and challenges that go with it.

Porting programs to the amiga isn't preposterous, making it do things beyond the scope of it's engineering isn't either.

I used an example of the C-64 serving a website - that is cool - but lets not say 'Yeah.... next we'll port Apache and soon we'll be streaming live video!'

Which is exactly how I view the concept of web browsing and the Amiga.

In summary I think given limited developers and an ever shrinking community I'd still advise anyone that way inclined to join a project that actually exists and has made progress over one that has discussed things for many years but not produced anything.

That simple.

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