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Wasn't necessarily talking to you directly, but to people who regularly pop up in these sort of threads to troll. amiga is one of the nay-sayers I was talking about and he was the first one to make a snide comment (as he has done in quite a few other threads of this type).

With respect to AWeb.....Pyro is right (even though you didn't like the manner of his response). Open source development has been quite slow and will never reach any great heights IMHO (which is fine- the open source devs haven't made any great promises and it's traditionally been a browser for low-end Amigas). IBrowse craps all over it (javascript implementation included) for mine, but unfortunately it is without a distributor at present (which probably means development has slowed even more than usual). Overhauling code of the existing Amiga browsers to implement necessary features for modern use is most likely a lot more work than what would be required to port an existing browser or framework from another platform. I think the relatively quick progress made with the development of Sputnik and OWB (based on Apple's WebKit) lends some support to this, although they have a fair way to go before becoming usable in a modern sense. Bounties may provide some incentive for hobby devs, but obviously with mammoth tasks like developing/porting browsers it can't be the only incentive if success is to be realised. The guy who ported Mozilla (and Firefox too IIRC) to RISC OS machines like the Archimedes and Acorn PCs is a classic example. He did the port solely off his own back without any bounties to begin the aim of AmiZilla isn't as preposterous as some make it out to be.
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