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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
Would be nice if people here would live and let live. It's not like Pyro is a serial killer FFS. Would love to see a few more of you nay-sayers actually do something positive for the Ami community (real users and emulator users) for once, instead of shoot others down all the time just because it doesn't directly benefit you. Wish the Ami community had more 8-bit retro spirit in developing/supporting hobby and small commercial projects.
To address the first - I offered an opinion on Mozilla as a whole, and where I thought developers pursuing web browser development would do the most good (ie. on a project that actually has something that works on the Amiga). Mr Pyro simply put forward a snide comment, which I think was unfounded. It was directed at people who, unlike his project, actually HAD something to show - and HAD done something positive for the Amiga community.

To address the second:

Nuff said on that.

Personally I don't think there should be a prerequisite for anyone to present their opinion on a subject. Especially when they back up the basis of it with facts. Sometimes the facts aren't what folks want to hear, and thus occassionally conversations become heated.
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