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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

sorry forum chummy, but I will side with alexh on this, although emulation has gotten to the point where I am comfy with its performance, and in areas it performs quite well, (like mario cart) it still has issues with some ROMs and I am yet to fond one that will play Golden Eye flawlessly (amongst some other games)

I have all the latest and greatest N64 emulators here, both on my Xbox and PC, and for 60% of the games i am happy which is fine, but if you are a real enthusiast then emulation still has a fair bit to go.
Golden eye is emulated at the perfection..I guarantee

use 1964 emulator and rice video plugin 6.1.1 to play this game
it can be downloaded here
also I recommend the use of darkman plugin (special input plugin made for first person shooters)

in this particular game there are some issues on P64 & jabo video plugin...(pauses and the sky is lost)
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