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Links for turrican3

AmiZilla Resources List

V1.3 13 Dec 05

Useful links for the AmiZilla project:

Here's some good overviews on the AmigaOS- it's from the AmigaOS4
site, but can be generally applied to AmigaOS3.x, MorphOS and AROS:\

AmiZilla homepage: (and info on
setting up a dev environment)
Amizilla DiscreetFX Bounty site:
AmiZilla Yahoo groups page:
Amizilla SourceForge:

Amiga OS Programmers' site:
Amiga OS4 Programmers' site:
Reaction Programming forum:
Reaction simple example:

AROS/OS3/OS4/MOS Abstraction Headers and Macros:

Examples about how to create a shared library:
OS4: Afaik OS4 has its own tool to make easier the
creation of libraries.

Cross-Compiling Setup on Windows:
Crosscompilers for win&linux:
SDK for AmigaOS3.9:

Arexx Introduction:
Arexx on AmigaOS4:\
Arexx on the web:
Arexx Tutorials and Code Samples:
Arexx Tutorial:

WinUAE Amiga Emulator (requires *legal* ROM image):
Amiga Forever (commercial legal Amiga emulation for those without a real amiga
for the ROM):
LouiSe's hardfile for UAE may be useful too... it has gcc and Geek Gadgets

CVS and OpenSSH:
How to get source with CVS:
GREP tutorial:

GTK home page:
GTK API documentation:
GTK Tutorial:
GTK/GDK v2.6 source code:
GTK/GDK v2.8 source code:
GLib v2.8 source code:

MUI Homepage:
MUI API docs:
MUI Tutorial:

X11 docs:

GTK->MUI status:
GTK->MUI SourceForge:
GTK->MUI Screenshots:
GTK->MUI Demo code and compiled exes (68k):

NSPR documentation:
Porting NSPR to a Unix Platform:

For anyone wanting to work on the NSPR projects, you'll need
512mb Ram to compile AmiZilla (at least initially), or access
to a machine with 512mb ram for compiling.

Configuring and Building AmiZilla:

Mozilla project:
mozillaZine (Mozilla news):
Configuring Build Options:
Build Instructions:
Building Mozilla on Linux:
Mozilla Coding Style Guide:
Mozilla Hacker's Getting Started Guide:
Mozilla C++ portability guide (very important):


V1.1 12 Nov 05 (Ants)

V1.2 25 Nov 05

- UAE links and columnised... (RobinC)

V1.3 13 Dec 05 (Ants)

- Put Amiga links together
- History moved to bottom of page
- Mozilla Build and Config Instructions
- Cross-compiler setup
- SDI Headers and Macros
- Configuring and Building AmiZilla
- Arexx
- Os4 Programmers' sites:
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