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Originally Posted by Pyromania View Post

It's a contest, I'm not the developer. Firefox is open source, anyone can join the contest. Also, no way it has been going on for 7-8 years.

I first came across posts talking of porting mozilla under the name of Amizilla in 2001. That's 7 years.

Or, if you like, we can go from your own post:
"A new AmiZilla marketing campaign has been launched. " of course 'a new' does imply there was 'an old'... so if we go from there that's 2003... that's 5 years.

With no working product.

So - you really have nothing to laugh at as far as Aweb is concerned.... it's still miles ahead in that they actually HAVE something working.

I'll stand by my opinion happily - I'm using Firefox right now - and if I were to use my Amiga to browse the web, I'd rather have something working to it's strengths and making the most of what it can do rather than a 'nearly-kinda-sorta' lookalike clone anyways.

(for the record - even though I expect flames for this - I think a projected release date for anything resembling Firefox for the Amiga is the 11th of never - I straight up think it not only won't be done - but can't be done.. And by Amiga I mean 1000 - 4000... I'm not one of the 11 people in the world that can run OS4 or the 15 that own AmigaOnes)
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