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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
N64 emulation sucks ass on all of the best games. If you want to play anything other than Mario64 or MarioKart64 you need the real thing.

GoldenEye, Banjo Tooie, Conkers etc. etc. all don't work well enough to be fun.

If they did... I'd be the first to put my N64 in the attic.
I think you are not honest ...I think you are a quack
or maybe I think yo are a newbie on the N64 emulation

you can't insult one of the best emulators ever made like Project 64 because you have an ordinary doctor64 just purchased on ebay

you are confusing people here with your testimony

I have finished Banjo tooie and Banjo kazooie and Conker using P64....long time ago
both Banjo games runs perfect......better than the real thing..... and Conker almost perfect with minor issues that nobody note it...
everybody knows that


year 2001, (Conker cartridge release) or two weeks later was playlable on P64
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