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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on the PS2 (both games, but the first one is better). I remember getting the Amiga feeling right away when I first played the demo (and obviously because of that, I bought the game as soon as it came out).

It's more or less what Alien Breed would be like in a fantasy world with dragons and zombies and skeletal warriors.

Uncharted on the PS3 felt like a 3D Flashback, imo, but without the science fiction.

If you haven't already played it on the PC, get Diablo on the PSone. It's fantastically good fun with two players, and it reeks of atmosphere - and it also has the kind of difficulty you'd find in an Amiga game. In other words, tough as nails. Me and my brother started a game of it just the other night, and I'm looking forward to the next one. Diablo is what Gauntlet on the PSone would look like.
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