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heheh that post made me giggle.

I'm not all that fussed about Amizilla to tell the truth. I remember when it was first brought up (yeah I been lurking that long around Ami boards). I also remember when mozilla was released for Linux - and it was pretty bloated and slow then. PC's had been pulling away from the Amiga in speed for a few years by that point and it didn't really perform that well for me then.

It's really only going to be (barely) usable by a small subset of the Amiga community anyways (Lets face it, if you don't have an accelerator of some kind and a graphics card, the web is a pretty ugly place for your average Ami...... even emulating a 'superbadass amiga' more of the web becomes unusable every year)

Even Mozilla realized it was becoming bloated and slow - which is why we have firefox now.

I think it would be more productive if folks wanting to work on a browser got behind AWeb... it's actually shown progress when all others have fallen by the wayside or never been started.

As for OpenOffice et. al. .... wait a second.. I have to hold my sides as I think they might split in two!

I used Final Writer with an 040 and 8megs of ram 'back in the day' on a A2000... and it started to bog on down in the speed dept when documents went over 20 pages.
Add all the rest of the Open Office overhead and I'd shudder to try and use it...

Doing stuff on retro machines is cool and fun (I love the C64 hosted web page for example) - but at some point you have to ask yourself is it cost effective or even worth it? I'll always love programming my Ami and playing games on it, tinkering around and keeping it running - but much the same way as those guys with steam powered vintage cars. I bet they don't drive them to work.
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