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Originally posted by DPainter
According to one of the biggest victims--not me, I assure you--there are at least 21,000 non-TOSEC ADFs across these CDs! Do you think Twistin' could sleep at night if he knew that?
But in reality, the main thing that interests me in non-TOSEC titles is alternate cracks and disks with significant differences. I really don't even have one CD collection that most hardcore Amiga users have from the circulation rounds In fact, I have no DMS CD's of any kind whatsoever! With a few exceptions of things I have found on the net, all of my DMS files are ones from my old collection that I built up back when this stuff was new.

I find [a] disks (whose only differences are mere bits and bytes) to be quite an annoyance and they are the reason I always rallied against TOSEC in the first place. And no doubt there will be more and more new webmasters who will crop and have to show off that they know how to add lines to a startup-sequence, as well as knowing how to spam an Amiga disk. Or people who just have to change files around (defragging, putting 3.1 C: commands on 1.3 game disks, etc.) So that 21,000 is just the beginning.

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