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I have two Amigas:

A1200 with:
.Blizzard 1230 IV 50mhz no copro with 16mb ram
.3.5 inch 40 gig hd (on internal ide)
.52x32x52 cd rewriter (on internal ide)
.peecee keyboard interface (bitchin' stuff)

A500 with:
.2.5 mb internal memory board
.1 mb Agnus (not purchased later)

The A500 is dead, but I think all the important chips still work, as I got it to work once before it died, and it seemed to work just fine then. Maybe someone is interested in it for spare parts (maybe both the cias still work, for example) ? I'll be happy to give it away for free (I'm not charging for a dead computer), but I won't pay for the post and packaging (obviously).
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