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Originally Posted by HOL2001 View Post

@marco pedrana: I completely agree with you !
bloody cheaters of the world unite to take over!

Originally Posted by 5h00n4y View Post
Let's say, it's how you generally do, not with a specific game/genre.
For example, It's kinda impossible for Final Fantasy to play further when they got stuck since they hate it, while those who love the series will just keep on trying.
don't worry mate, i knew what you meant, in fact, roughly, i don't have much patience for too hard games these days, and i would say that if a game isn't worth the hassle, i would recur to cheat.
for instance, i haven't cheat in two recent games i considered gems: Rayman Ravid Rabbits and (so far) Assassin's Creed: consider that since my amiga days, this is a very rare occurrence

Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
times have changed for me. Back in the Amiga days I could bite myself into a game until the floppy disk would burn up; today... I have less patience. I want a challenge, but not the kind of insanely difficult games that used to haunt my poor Amiga.
yaeh i hear you, and while our youger age was for sure more driven and dedicate in solve such difficults, games were usually more interesting than they are now.
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