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The only Adventure game i ever used a hint for was Operation Stealth when i was about 98% of the way through the game. for action or platform games, i would only EVER use a cheat if i knew the game was definately impossible, such as SOTB ( actually most Psygnosis games! ).. other than that, i would bust my arse to get through them, because i could never ever really see the point of playing a game if you were just going to cheat!?..

No challenge in cheating, but yeah, some games would certainly need a good rest, otherwise there would be pieces of joystick all over the room..

And for those who "do" cheat and feel all proud, then all i have to say is that, you know all you are doing is bullshitting yourself and there is no integrity in that.

NO CHEATS ALL THE WAY FOR ME ( only on the "odd" occasion )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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