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How to close the shell in Workbench 3.1


I want to transfer transdisk between an Amiga 600 with 6 GO HD and a Workbench 3.1, and a PC connected with a cable null modem

I follow this method in French :

At the beginning, I have AFD sender terminal installed on Windows XP, and a file called transdisklong on the PC

The goal is to transfer transdisk on the Amiga with ADF Sender Terminal, and write it on a disk

I start to put the same properties (port, baudrate, data bits, parity, stop bits, echo, flow control) in the Amiga and in ADF Sender Terminal

After that, I begin to open the shell of Amiga to write << Type ser:to ram:transdisk >>, and I open the file transdisklong in ADF Sender Terminal for sending it to the Amiga

The transfer works but after that, I must << break >> the shell with all the datas transfered to continue

The problem is I'm not able to close the shell : i have tried CTRL - C but nothing happens

My question is how to << break >> this shell ?
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