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Originally Posted by 5h00n4y View Post
evolution my dear marco, evolution

i prefered the spambots, at least they knew what they wanted
buddy. i've never known what i want more than tonite.
Some, you know, some wants a bright spot under the lights, some thrive in the side alleys they have made their nights into. damn, most of people i've known don't even notice the vanishing bolts of dirts among the new stains of different colours just so more hurting on the eyes hurting on the eyes. the eyes in the stomach that rumble and roll under shameless butterflyes' flight. no frame could contain the picture nor voice have a care to describe, in the rising buzz. when as a moving shade in the tapestry a body, no body, moves and stop them cold, just for the moment.
me, i know what i want, neither light, no blackness, i just want...
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