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Originally Posted by Adamantyr View Post
My plan right now is to have some fixed encounters in places, but the files will be updated so you can't "revisit" to fight them over and over again, and actual random encounters will be spawned rarely. There is a "spawn" clock, under which a counter is added to at an interval, and a random check against it is made. If the number is under the counter, a random spawn is done. Otherwise it continues to count up. This lets me have some areas that spawn monsters faster than others.
Sounds very nice!!!!

Also, experience will dynamically scale so that hunting weak monsters will get you less or none, to prevent long-scale camping in any one area. My feeling is that if you want your characters to grow, you have to travel and see new things.
Nice idea too!!!! Even when I mastered in old pen&paper D&D I did not give xp for week monster to high level characters!
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