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BitlBee MSN passport authentication

In the pursuit of excellence, I have stumbled upon a problem...

I'm running this version of bitlbee-1.1dev-bin-m68k.lha which works fine on my Amiga a1200, setup as a Daemon, IDnet via MiamiDX.

Using WookieChat 2.8 as my IRC Client, works fine.

Installed the gnutls-bin-m68k.lha, libgpg-error-bin-m68k.lha, and libgcrypt-bin-m68k.lha as advised in the documention to add (Transport Layer Security) 1.0 and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 3.0 implementation.

But..... When I connect to the Daemon, the login to MSN begins ok, then I get the error during passport authentication. "HTTP Error while fetching DALogin. Error while writing HTTP request."

PS: When connecting to the IM.UK.BITLBEE.ORG server everything works fine.

Anyone, else use this package and had similiar experiences? Is the package out-aged or have I done something wrong.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Cheers, Paul
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