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Fractallyte how about remapping keys? so that we can do a "proper" amiga layout keyboard, this is just what i was looking for to do a decent x86 based amiga... small mini itx mobo, reminicant of zonbox, custom case and a standard reworked cherry keyboard (there common as muck, been around for donkeys, and easy to get hold of, and to get custom keysets for... proper help, amiga keys etc) hell the potential here is great, cheapo x86 hardware, new custom classic miggy install, and some amiga branding. and basic kits to D.I.Y can be bought from say amigakit, case, keyboard and mobo with a CD of X-Amiga with a guarenteed working set of drivers for the hardware, so less configuration issues for the less linux inclined users.

There is still great potential out there in the amiga community, the only issues i see are small groups doing there own little thing, if the diff little projects/businesses got together the costs are shared, the work is shared, and the chances of getting a working product to market are increased vastly.
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