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Ok, I'll admit to being a very sick man and a hoarder of Amigas. Here is the list of Amiga systems I own at present:

(1) A4000T/060/604e PPC

(2) A500/030

(3) A600/030

(4) A1000/030

(5) A2000/060

(6) A1200T/040

(7) CD32

(8) CDTV/030

I used to own an A3000, but sold that a few years back because there's simply no room inside the desktop case to expand it. The most annoying thing is the lack of a 5 1/4 bay to put a cdrom drive inside an A3000 desktop.

Suffice to say I'm always looking to buy an A3000T, which would be infinitely more heavenly than owning a standard A3000. The other thing I need to top off my collection of Amigas would be a SX32Pro to expand the CD32, which currently is the only "virgin" Amiga I own.

If anyone has or knows of anyone wanting to part with an A3000T or SX32Pro, please let me know!!

Edit: I kind of forgot that technically my CD32 isn't a virgin. It does have the FMV card released by C=, but an accelerated CD32 would still be nice.

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