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Originally Posted by Techx View Post
very funny we are all in the same situation.. i have a nice office with loads of pcs and my amigas set up but my wife is expecting in the winter and i will have to do something about all of it, but i always regretted selling my c128 when I was a kid, no way I'd ever part with my amigas.. you do have to make sacrifices for your children but we have the right to our own space and things we enjoy in life as well, it's a balance between the two
I find it funny how things as small as the Amiga & C64 in size, need to be sold up in order to make room for something else. In all honesty i think its just women trying to change us to the point of where we are no longer us, but somebody they are molding us into becoming, which has its good points and bad points.

In this case, its a "bad" point.
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