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Originally posted by RocketMack
Stamp collecting, model building, fishing, etc. have been around as hobbies for hundreds of years. They have been accepted as healthy pastimes for adults and children alike.

The hobby of electronic game collecting has only been around for three or four decades. It takes time to establish a genre' as an acceptable hobby. I still remember the surprised look on the faces of others as I put together my first collections of Spiderman and Fantastic Four comics back in the early sixties. They were kept neatly with my toy metal robots. "You're wasting your time", they said...

I go with my feelings. To hell with what others think. The eye and ear candy provided by electronic games lifts my spirits and brings back waves of nostalgia just like an old song. Besides, I don't think this gravy train of free trading and downloading will last forever. Someone is going to figure out how to regulate all this soon and you will value what you already have.

As far as outgrowing the hobby, I'm fifty years old and I know that when I'm ninety I'll still have and play my games, along with my comics and toy robots...

Consider yourself as a pioneer!
I think that RocketMack hit the nail on the head, retro gaming has not been around for long and therefore has not really been accepted as much of a hobby in the non-gamer circle. Therefore that is the main reason why you would feel unconfortable talking to them about it.

I think it will take time, before retro gaming will be classified as a hobby as such. Oh well, in the mean time all those other ppl do not know what they are missing out on .... their loss, our gain ... game on !!
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