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There comes a time when you have to consider need before want. Towered Amiga isn't really any use today, unless you use it as a main machine. A desktop Amiga 1200 is all I need, with as little extra equipment as possible - apart from internal upgrades (like an accelerator card or a PCMCIA). It takes up very little space. I will always have at least one functional Amiga easily accessable, but I've had to calm down a bit with extras. I prefer to save my extra space for original Amiga games than extra hardware.

It can be tough on your nostalgia, but it's actually not too difficult to shrink your collections to a bare minimum - only keeping what you actually need and will use. Just don't sell off so much that you'll regret. Sell until you have the space you need... then when you need more space, sell some more.
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