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Originally Posted by laffer View Post
I've no idea why but Firefox keeps freezing on this PC.. especially when there's much going on (like many tabs with videos etc).. it just becomes completely unresponsive and the little Firefox logo up in the top left becomes that little 'unresponsive' window square thing.. have to close the firefox process manually. It's very annoying, I've tried reinstalling.. I even formatted (not because of that, though) and the problem persists.

I might switch to something else anyway though as I do find it too bloated.
Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Well firefox is a memory eater (currently 120 MB here ) How much RAM do you have? I've had memory usage up to 500 MB when having many windows and tabs open. I hope version 3 will improve it, but likely it was always a problem with firefox
it could be that the download history has become huge. check the Options > Privacy tab > see if the "remember downloaded files" is ticked: if it is, uncheck it, then empty the cache, personal data, history etc (same tab: check settings before to do so you can keep forms and passwords)
does this help any?
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