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I wish more adventure games had been released as AGA versions.. would be cool to have Lucasarts adventures in AGA for instance.
Also the Sierra games... they look *horrible* in 32 colors, because of the bad porting (not KQ6 as was mentioned earlier, that one looked good).

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
I would of loved an isometric syndicate wars released, that would of been fantastic.!
I agree!

Another game that would be cool to have on Amiga is Lost Vikings 2 (the SNES version with similar graphics as the first one, not the Playstation version). I also think the first game on the Amiga should have had backgrounds like the SNES version did.

Also, an English version of Loom CDTV would be cool.

Also, Heart of the Alien (the sequel to Another World, only released for Sega CD) would be cool as well.. it's not that great, Another World is much, much better.. but I'd still think it had been cool with an Amiga version.

EDIT - oh, and Prince of Persia 2 would be cool as well.

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