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Hiya folks

I know a few people expressed an interest in the 2008, Kick Off 2 UK Champs so I thought I’d make you guys aware as to what happened and what’s in the pipeline in the future!

The tournament did indeed rock and it was one of the most exciting finale’s I’ve ever witnessed with it going right down to the wire. In the end it was decided on goal difference. But more important than that, everyone had a cracking time whether they were playing Kick Off, enjoying free Tea’s, Coffee’s and Cappucino’s or simply kicking back and chilling out in the lobby area (just outside tournament room) where the football was being played on 2 Plasma’s.

Here are the Results]

Here are the Pictures

Here are the Video’s

Hope you enjoy reading and watching what went on. Remember, although the 2008 UK Champs is over for another year that’s certainly not the end of Kick Off this year…infact, it’s only the beginning.

There will still be regular tournaments in the UK as well as over Europe. As I’v said before, if you want to enjoy Retro Gaming, Amiga’s and/or simply having a laugh with like minded people then you’l have a fantastic time.

As well as the UK, other countries have their own tournaments too…

Details of the Nordic Championship: Details of the Nordic Championship

Details of the Italian Championship: Details of the Italian Championship

Regulary online tournaments every Sunday: Regular online tournaments every Sunday

There’s also a fun initative to get a UK player to win the World Cup: http://<a href="http://ko-gathering....12&t=14803</a>

Finally, here’s the biggie…the 2008 World Cup in Athens. If you’v always wanted to go travelling but the cost has always deterred you, then do what I do…attend a KO2 World Cup for 2 days but then stay in the country for a few days or more after. Means you get low cost accommodation plus play a fantastic computer game too. Then you can do what you want after J

Details of the 2008 World Cup in Athens

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading up about all things Kick Off!
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