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well... result of a scan of the new dat on the new update (single games zipped once):

Missing Sets: 2503 of 2549
Wrong SetName Case: 0 [0 fixed]
Wrong Named Sets: 0 [0 fixed]

Missing Roms: 2549 of 2549
Missing Bytes: 3gb of 3gb
Missing BIOS Roms: 0 of 0
Wrong Named Roms: 0 [0 fixed]
Wrong RomName Case: 0 [0 fixed]
Wrong Sized Roms: 0
Wrong Date/Time Roms: 0
Wrong CRC32s: 0
Wrong MD5s: <n/a>
Wrong SHA1s: <n/a>
then i assume that as for the january pack, this dat works only on doblezipped games?

the dat stuff of course i could skip, but if i move the new archives in the directory where i keep all your whdload installed zips, then i'll have (not minding the obsolete files, if any) twice archived installs and once only archived ones, so that any further DAT using would be impossible.
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