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Some great advice from the people above - I also wrote a thread in the ClassicWB forum as a sticky at the top, as people using the packs kept asking the same questions:

It's a real pain I know; really wish there was an was an easier way to get above 4GB in Workbench 3.0/1, as that's the only true stumbling block when deciding between it and later versions for most people.

I've just stuck under the 4GB limit on my A1200 - I find this is enough for all the games I have installed anyway. If you're willing to go through the steps in the above thread then it should work. I don't think IDEfix is free however.

An older version of SFS has support for up to 8GB drives built in using a direct mode. If you're willing to use an older version I can put this in the zone for you. Don't know why, but it was removed from later SFS versions making it hit the old 4GB limit again.
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