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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
You guys keep saying the megadrive version plays better but wont say how or why, besides the extra button thing I really can not see one single way the megadrive version plays better. In fact it plays worse due to a nasty bug when fighting the giant bosses.
  • Press towards an enemy while slashing him on the amiga and see how many hits you can get in (hint 3-4 is max on the arcade)
  • Corner any elf and start burning him for magic (ride a dragon).. never ends on the amiga
  • Get stuck between two enemies, they beat you back and forth until you die instead of just one getting three hits and then you loose one energy bar
  • Look at the resolution and screen size, where did that skeleton come from? When did the rest of the area go?
  • Kick of a nice magic fire dragon.. and wait for it.. (load load) and then walk two steps, load load
  • But most of all, the animation, fram rate and movement is off. Don't care what they say about blitters or 50 fps. The amiga version does not move objects with the same flow, it looks like 25 fps, not 60.

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