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Compatibility with Amiga 500 and 500+ games


My first contact with Amiga was only few days ago through the great WinUAE emulator despite great interest I have about old consoles. I was searching an old computer to be the first to try and what take my attention was the main cpu 68000. I did already used emulators from many game platforms but computer was the first and Amiga made me a very good impression comparing with other 16-bit consoles. Graphics is clean and colorfull and sound is wonderfully good! I did try some equal interesting apps also.

After some hours of web searching I learned particularity of each Amiga computer: 500, 500+, 1200, 3000, 4000...

I didn't try each Amiga hardware but I saw some incompatibility among hardware versions on some games. After search on web I saw that Amiga 1200 had compatibility problems with many Amiga 500 games.
I would like run Amiga games on a fastest model (I think is Amiga 4000 with MC68040. Is correct?) to see Amiga in all of its glory.

My question is:
There are an Amiga computer with 14MHz or more fully compatible with Amiga 500 games?


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