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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
3.9 Is great, but is a bit 'bloaty' by AmigaOS standards - It needs a good accelerator + decent amount of RAM to work well. I'd say it's best suited to virtual systems like Amithlon, X-Amiga, (Win)UAE...
3.5 Is probably better for a 'real' Amiga - Most of 3.9's features with a smaller 'footprint'.
3.1 Unless you're an eye-candy junky (like me) it's hard to justify the move.
2.1 ? Hear me out... My A1200/060 with KS 3.1 & WB 2.1 runs like nothing you've seen! No, it's not pretty, but it is fast + functional when in that mode.
Charlie, I think you are right.
OS 3.5 is a reduced OS3.9 version, but it's faster than OS 3.9 and not a lot slower than 3.1/3.0.
In my opinion OS 3.9 is slow, but it is enough usable with my Blizzard 1230/IV @ 50 Mhz and 16 MB. I prefere it 'cause its many little improvements and I would not come back.
Both are heavy upgrades Vs. Workbench 3.1 / 3.0. is offline  
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