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Ave Coagulus ! Coaguli te salutante !

If you make the sum of every aspect of the game in itself, the amiga version stands up.

Graphix : more colors on megadrive, but bad use, lool 'how to use a 64 colors palette to make it look like 32'

The amiga has its tiles lifted up from the coin op, use 2 dynamic palette of 16 used way better.
The tile port is 98% faithfull to the coin op.

The genesis version has many places in the game where the tiles have been changed because
it uses 8x8 blocks EVEN on the coin-op (correction ) for the background.
The fact that the japanese have use the same tiles proves they wanted to gain memory.

Sound : The amiga beats up the megadrive hands down. Just plug a hi-fi system on you amiga
or winuae and listen, it's flawless here as good as ninja warriors sound port.

playability : on genesis the playability is good, more like the coin op. The amiga version has
the 2nd button missing taste in the mouth.... this problem will be solved when the slave will support it.

the genesis version has more levels. the game continues after death adder. Check fan sites,
it's clearly stated....

all in all aside playability, amiga version has most of the best points..... the megadrive version
is 80% accurate with the coin op.

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