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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

Well my friend,

if you are considering almost anything to allow you Amiga to be hooked up to PC monitor there is another option to buying a new LCD TV / Graphics Card or expensive Scan Doubler / Flicker Fixer

let me introduce this Up Scaling Unit for around £34 (ebay buy it now auction)

Now this is the bigger brother to the one i have and infact its awesome! I have used this on both my 19" CRT and 42" plasma in very large screen modes.

The device scales all the images to a set resolution, for instance, should the device be set to display 1024x768 it will scale and Flicker Fix (de-interlace) any screen up or down.

for instance, my device will do 1280x960 and will scale any screen to it, including super hires interlace... without flicker... looks REALLY nice on my 42" plasma (i must take some pics of this)

The unit has many features including multiple inputs like 100 channel RF and SVideo, it also has a PIP (picture in picture)

the only points of concern are

the VGA in wont up scale / sync a 15khz signal source
the Composite input is a little washed but nothing compared to regular composite input on my TV
the (without SVideo adapter or a bit of hackery) no other way of input other than using the composite from the Amiga.

Anyway, I personally swear by the one i have, it really is awesome, so much so i sold both my internal SD/FF devices, but a word to mention is that your own experience may well vary, especially if you have an NTSC based Amiga.
Zetro master!! i'm quite surprise to read that you finally threw away all of your RGB upscan converters to finish with this composite as you are the most reliable techie on this board, i'm going to trust and put my hands on one of these cheapos converters...just a last question : is there any lag perceptible because of signal processing (i'm thinking of intensive games such as slamtilt which cannot tolerate any delay to be really playable)

thanks master!
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