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Another World

1. The bit after the falling rocks & ceiling-tentacles... and after the flooding of the swimming pool.. when you swim down the swimming pool and in the small cave there's a long vertical blue wire... lol I though something was wrong with my screen since it looks like a column of dead pixels.

We shoot this wire and it stops glowing... anyone know the significance of this? Next am gonna load up that level and play throughout without shooting the blue wire to see what happens.

2. Also, the bit in the castle in the 2nd recharge room (after the grunt rolling the glowing bombs bit). Off to the right you see a small window looking into another room's ceiling, with hanging green light shades... again, whether we shoot or not shoot ht lamp shade, any significance of this bit?

3. This game is so cool & original at the time (1991). Anyone gonna make a flash film/animation out of Another World? Would be so cool. (besides this cool one:
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