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Zetr0 dude im honestly not willing to spend 35 ish quid on a box, as i have a great nick 1084, which is fine for games, and a spare LCD 15 inch which would be fine for more "serious" stuff, but to be honest cant see me ever doing serious work on the miggys, its mostly games, the PC and Mac take care of the more serious stuff, if i could pick up a SD/FF cheap, or cobble one together from bits and bobs and a set of plans cool, if not, its no big deal. its just i had these connectors laying around, and for life of me could not remember what they did exactly. it would still be nice to get one of the commodore silver VGA adapters for the video port of my 1200, as i do have a microvitec screen from a old archimedes 3000, which from googling appears to be a multisync capable of doing 15 - 31hz, shame its got a vga plug on the end wired into the screen. so cant connect the miggy video to it, well unless i get some adapter
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