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Re: What or Who Killed the Amiga

Originally posted by CPC464
Ok Guys I had (and still have) an Amiga and NOTHING computer-wise could touch them they were superb, but then all of a sudden they seemed to vanish PC's seemed to make a HUGE profit and why ??

DON'T get me wrong I know the Amiga is not dead, but commercially the selling of new A500/500+/600/1200's is a bit hard to come by.

So my question is this:

What or Who killed the Amiga.

I would be very very interestd in comments queries or actual knowledge of this. As it seemed to vanish very quickly
The popular, and my favorite belief is that commodore, when making the Amiga had one hell of a hit machine, they sat on it and didnt develop it, mass market it and openly promote the machine as it SHOULD have.

Before it was too late, Pimple faced Billy (Willy) Gates gave heaps of free PC's to schools. little johnny and jenny ran home to mum and dad and got a Peecee for them.

Peecee's will never surpass Amiga, now we have a company, like a few already made this quote, to develop the Amiga in the way it was supposed to. Amiga will never shake the Games image and make its way into business setups. BUT amiga will not die 100% like the ST as long as we have improvements being made.
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