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Re: Who owns an Amiga?

Originally posted by Akira
I own my Amiga since 1993. Yep, I am a 'late owner', like with most of my machines (got my C128 in mid-1989). I tend to have an habit of picking up machines when they start to die ;/

Now, tell me a bit about your Amiga, if you own one, or if you plan to get one, or whatever.
I voted A500, but have an A1200 too, maybe I should have voted A1200 and pumped the stats up a bit more


A500 with a trapdoor 4MB expansion 4x 1mb PC simms, Motherboard hacked to 1mb Chip.
A530 030 40Mhz FPU/MMU with a 1G SCSI 1x4MB GVP simm too.


Stock A1200, with a catweisel, and a trapdoor 28 mhz 030 (EC) with a 16mB simm (singlesided).
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