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I don't talk much about games with non-gamers friends, mainly because they would be bored as hell with it. As much as if someone came and begun to talk a lot about , say, gardening or skateboarding, mainly because I don't give a shit for this. I may talk just a bit, because I believe everyone is interested in general subjects, but if you begin to get deeper in a subject someone is not interested, he will just get bored...

This happens with my girlfriend, as I spend a lot of time with her, I sometimes begin to talk about games with her, without noticing, and I quickly notice she isn't even barely interested...

So, I think you can talk about games with non-gamers people, but if you begin to get to deep, and notice the other one is getting bored, just stop

I am not afraid of telling I like games... unlike some people believe, it's not a obsession for it, it's just a hobby.. some people like collecting stamps or fishing, I like to collect games and play them. And it's a waste of time as the other hobbies. And at least, I doubt stamps or fishing can interested EVERYONE, and in the other side, I bet EVERYONE IN THE WORLD would get interested in at least ONE game ... I know I can always find a game that will interest someone (My girlfriend, again, for example, likes World of Illusion on Mega-Drive )
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