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VGA to RGB and RGB to VGA

Ok folks i got 2 convertors ive had laying about for ages, both are vga to rgb, one is marked reuters on the VGA Dsub, this is a female type VGA, and the other is a male VGA to a large Socket with a small circuit board inside and 3 BNC type RGB plugs, i was wondering if one of these would be any good for getting a Signal from my a1200 to a SVGA screen, im thinking the one with the wee board might be some kind of 15 - 31khz scandoubler, as it seems designed to go from rgb telly type signal to vga (if i remember rightly they both came courtesy of a mate in the telly industry) i will try and furnish some images of these things, as they intrigue me and got me thinking... hmm a cheap scandoubler
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