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Gaming Stigma

I fail to see what anyones opinion other than your own has anything to do with your prefered hobby and past time. If you enjoy it then do it but just make sure it doesn't affect anyone else. So if your married and you love games atleast try and give your man/woman some attention atleast once a day. Realy great games can keep you stuck to the screen for weeks and thats not good for your or the people your close to, Oh except for other hard core gamers, then they probably expect you to be playing the game so you can have your Level70 Barbarian in Diablo2... But for others just try and look like you are paying attention to them. And as for "Completing the game certificates" why don't the companies bring back those old competitions of the first 100-1000 to complete the game get a prize. Just like in Battletech The Cresent Hawk Inception. You find the type of mech or whatever in the end, send the answer in to FASA and they gave you a Minature Model Mech. Kewl ey!

So what can we as gamers do to make our chosen hobby an acceptable and respected past time? Well lets start by having competitions, have your clubs and net meets have the lan meets and monthly gamers news letter. Make it seem an active and sociable hobby to others and to ourselves, I for one miss the once great Amiga user groups that had their monthly Gaming competitions with RType2 and SensiSoccer... So c'mon people lets start the ball rolling, lets tell all the amiga game programmers to make their games networkable. Lets get a decent UAE for the new amigas, Have UAE do the kalilera properly. I for one would like to see someone get all the original source code of amiga games that still exist and make the games networkable. Hell lets make sequels, prequels and just damned nice remakes. And for one last thing. For a start lets try and get the source to the unfinished HiredGuns CD32. Hell what a game it would be over the net ppl!

So enjoy the games of today and enjoy more the classics of yesterday. Help steer the games of tomorow to be like yesterdays and then be happy. Realy, all a hobby is is to do 2 things, Either distract yourself from yourself or to expand your imagination. Lets hope we get both because withough games like Lotus2 where would you do to forget all your worries and just play play play.
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