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My opinion about OS3.9 on real A1200:

I like:
- the GlowIcons.
- there is the DefIcons tool.
- to have a window tool to decrunc lha, lzx & zip file just on clicking on the relative icon.
- the search / find tool in WB menu.
- the WB "execute command" remembers old inputs (with Boing Bag 2 installed).
- browsing icons in opened windows using keyboard cursors...
- the WB/Icons/Info tool allows you to replace icon picture easily by placing a new one over the old in this window.
- the WB/Icons/Info tool reports drawer size, drawers and files quantity inside.
- ASync in WBStartup improves multitasking.
- many little improvements.

I don't like:
- THE SPEED, in my A1200 is acceptable but I have a Blizzard 1230/IV @ 50 Mhz.
- I would like to have an easy window tool to pack files/dirs.
- an easy guide to use DefIcons tool (if someone could help me to use it).

OS 3.5 has GlowIcons and is surely faster, but has not all the improvemnts above.

Although I'm disappointed about the OS 3.9 speed, I would not come back to previous OS version. is offline  
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