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Originally Posted by spiff View Post
Yea but Makoto Uchida said in the Sega club interview that the Genesis is the most faithful to the coin op.

He says this about amiga version, 50fps, not 60 like the arcade and Genesis
It uses 1x64colors palette at last he says too that the amiga version is an hybrid of megadrive and coin op versions, not a conversion of the coin op like the Genesis.
Well he never saw the amiga version (like for most conversion btw from japanese coin-ops), and tiles for tiles no, the genesis version is not the most faithfull....

Last note, 60fps for the japanese version, the european version runs at 50fps, not more since we use PAL ! The best thing at the end is using Golden Axe amiga american version, which here runs at 60 fps (NTSC!).
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